Motivational stories. Adriana Macías.


Motivational stories. Adriana Macías.


Adriana Macias is a whole woman. She lacks nothing, not even arms. In her one finds sweetness, energy, enthusiasm, charm, desire to fight, sense of humor, flirtation, beauty.


She also holds intelligence, strength, love, and an immense desire to show to embrace life not with our hands but with our heart.



Adriana Macias, un ejemplo de vida.

Adriana Macias is a Mexican lawyer born 28 years ago in a modest home. The joy and illusion of the expecting parents was, that day of April, transformed into sadness and concern: Adriana was born without arms.

Doctors gave no reasons for her disability and there were no protocols to treat such a special person. Her parents, Mr. Jose Manuel Macías and Mrs. Guadalupe Hernandez immediately decided to disregard the disease and to concentrate their time and efforts on resolving the little girl’s circumstances. They decided to follow the path they had traced upbringing their first daughter Eloise. This way, Elo, as Adriana lovingly calls her big sister, would become her guide.

She had only lived for a few years when, after a pilgrimage in search of hospitals, institutions and foundations of Mexico, Adriana got her prosthetic arms. Nowadays, Adriana still hardly understands how her parents managed to convince such a little girl to wear those “hooks”. “How am I going to wear those hooks used by the bad guy?” She recalls whispering at that moment. “I wanted to be the princess of the story; I preferred to wear a tiara, a long dress, some crystal shoes and dance the length and breadth of a majestic hall”, explains who, since she was 20, performs all everyday activities with her feet.



She studied primary, secondary and “prep” in regular schools. This allowed her to have a normal life getting involved with other children. She says she had a wonderful childhood, just like any other child: “It was a time of learning, of sharing, because at this stage one is neither examined nor criticized,” affirms someone who still does not use escalators.


Adolescence came and brought hard times: “it takes you right in front of the mirror”, she points out. There she could see her qualities and abilities and told herself: “I will never get my arms out … No one will ever love me!”. Depression arose straightway, but fortunately her parents were there to support her.

“At first I felt sad thinking my dreams would only be fulfilled through other people. I later realized that our physical traits have nothing to do with that. Willpower and discipline in what we do. That’s what really matters”, she says.

This statement brought her feelings running high. Just five years ago her relationship with a boy at university came to an end: “I loved him very much, he asked me to get married, but his family did not accept me because of my disability. Finally he broke the engagement up and confessed that he could not share his life with a person with a physical disability. Obviously I couldn’t do anything about it, obviously I couldn’t ask for a chance to change that, right? “, She says with a sense of humor.

“Obviously those were very sad days, I cried a lot, but one day the tears ended and I realized that I should get up and search for a new love in my life: Juan Medina, he is that beautiful gift “, she shows off.

The same may be said about her feet that look pretty good “I like to take care of my feet and constantly go for a pedicure. I do not wear tight shoes and my nails are always fixed. “

No words about her hairstyle and make-up! “I do everything by my own, I do my hairstyling and love to makeup,” she says while flirting with her hair in front of the camera.

She diets, eats healthy and practice Pilates one-hour daily. “I confess that I do not like to exercise, but this is another lesson … We have to take responsibility over activities we do not like to accomplish others that we do enjoy,” she tells.

Her disability has never been an obstacle for Adriana to shine and excel in whatever she undertakes. “To succeed in life there are no obstacles, positive attitude is the essential tool for the achievement of individual and collective projects”




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