Morally compelled to share my experience


Morally compelled to share my experience

And after about 500 assisted postural changes, 30 anal examinations, more than 300 pills and about 250 bladder catheters, I decided to stop waiting for miracles and started chasing them.

I decided to approach problems as opportunities to discover solutions, mostly when such problems are overwhelmed with ignorance, statistics, fears and inability of people who prefer to call miracles the results found in roads they had no willingness to walk through.

That day I realized that my physical disabilities were nothing but my own weaknesses. Still, my willpower would make me unbeatable.

That day I stopped fearing failure and started fearing success.

I decided that every day offered an opportunity to start trying and realized that what really matters is not just reaching the top of the mountain but enjoying the path uphill. I learned that the best triumph is being able to call someone a friend and realized that I was a world champion there!

That day I stopped being the reflection of my few past triumphs and became a weak light of hope that is gaining intensity by reaching small goals. I also learned that finding the light is worth nothing unless you are able to bring light to other people’s paths.

That day in the hospital I decided to make a difference..

My nights are no longer to rest but to dream. And my mornings are to make all those dreams come true.

That day I was determinant. Don’t just try it. Do it.

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