Vic has been snowboarding for more than 25 years, committing his life to this sport in practically all its facets. Vic founded and owns a snowboarding school in Baqueira Beret, Pura Vida School, where he has spent full winter seasons since 2000.

On February 22, 2015 he suffered an accident practicing high alpine snowboarding and got his spinal cord severely injured on vertebrae C5 and C6 with 30% invasion of the spinal canal.

After having a surgery where a cervical arthrodesis was placed, he was diagnosed with TETRAPLEGIA.

Following 6 months in hospital, a demanding rehabilitation that still goes on, a great family environment and awesome friends who were at all times giving him strength and energy, he not only realized his dream of getting back on a snowboard but also managed to compete in the Spanish Para Snowboard Championship ending up in first position within his category.

He is currently a member of the national Paralympic team of Snowboard and strives to meet the requested standards at the World Cup Circuit of this discipline to be qualified to represent Spain in the Olympic Winter Games in Korea 2018.

Vic believes that his rehabilitation is neither a miracle nor heroism but a medically curable injury and a positive attitude toward the problem.

Vic is devoted to spinal cord injuries and strives to help others spreading his story and conveying his “attitude message” by getting involved in the creation of the “Don’t just try. Do it” Foundation dedicated to discovering and sharing experiences of spinal cord injuries that serve as catalysts to find the path that leads to the true limit of what’s physically possible.